Comparing Yourself to Others: 2 Reasons to Just Let It Go

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Okay…I know that seems contradictory based on the last blog, but stay with me.

Sometimes comparison just is what it is…and that’s unrealistic.

If your negative comparison is rooted in limiting beliefs about yourself, then that mindset can be altered, and comparison CAN work in your favor (the last blog is all about this). But if you’re comparing apples to oranges…such as body image or life stage…you just need to let it go girl!

There are two reasons I feel strongly about this.

Reason #1:

Spending your time worrying about things you can’t control is a waste! I use the example of comparing bodies because it’s something us girls do often. But you cannot control how your body was built or made!

No matter how well you eat or how often you work out, your thighs will never look like “her” thighs because you are not built the same! You need to switch your mindset and have goals that are REALISTIC for you, such as losing X amount of inches, or eating more vegetables, or lifting heavier weights.

All those goals can create positive change that focuses on being the best version of YOU and not the best version of “her.”

You can substitute anything else you can’t control – like comparing life stages – for body image and the point is still the same. You can’t compare your day one to someone’s day one thousand. You’ll get there girl, but today is not that day!  You can’t control it or speed up time any faster….so let it go!

Reason #2:

You’re not getting the whole picture. You could be comparing your very real apple to someone’s fake orange that they put out on the counter for decoration.

Keep that in mind when you’re comparing or nit picking one thing. 

If you think about “her” life in entirety and compare that to your own, you’ll probably realize that 95% of your life is pretty freakin’ great! Now that one little thing you are comparing yourself against becomes less important.

People have the opportunity all day, everyday to fabricate whatever kind of life they want on social media without telling the whole story. 

And if we’re being honest…sometimes I’m one of those people, and I bet you are too. 

If I KNOW that what’s on my own social media feed is only part of the story…then I also know it’s true for everyone else.

Putting energy towards things that are fake or that you can’t control will just leave you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. So let it go. Let go of the uncontrollables and the desire to live someone else’s life and focus on living your OWN best life.

That’s where true happiness can be found.

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