If you ask me what I 'do' for work, I'll tell you I'm a MOM first and foremost - because we all know that's REAL WORK.

But, professionally, I've been working in finance for over 20 years - which means I've been fighting for my paycheck for most of my life.

Finance is mostly a boys' club and, while I think that's changing, it definitely meant that I had to learn to really show up for myself at the negotiation table every. single. year. 

'But why should you make that much, don't you have a husband who earns too?' 

I know, I know. But that's the kind of thing women hear every single day at their jobs - whether they're CEOs or receptionists, the message is always the same. 

I'd like to think that's starting to change as well, but the truth is that equality is NEVER given freely. You have to TAKE what you want and be ready to stand up for your worth at every opportunity.

Honestly, when I stopped playing the boys' game and went out on my own, my income doubled. I got better clients and started making more money than I ever did before, because I knew that I deserved to have the success AND the wealth that I'd worked so hard for.

But I didn't come to that realization on my own, and I certainly didn't come to it right away. It took me decades to figure out the lessons and strategies I'm teaching my clients - and my daughters - today (and in much less time lol).

It actually took the death of my mother a few years ago to make me realize that I had been short-changing myself for my entire professional career. I realized that what my mother had struggled with all her life - the idea that she wasn't worth time, energy, love, acceptance, happiness - was exactly what would dictate my own direction ...unless I made a change.

So I did.

I stopped taking 'maybe' for an answer and started taking determined action in the direction of my dreams. I started my own investment advisory, Relevé Financial Group, where I started having better client relationships AND making more money. 

My family and I also decided our mental and physical health needed to be top priority, so we picked up and moved from cold, dark Minnesota all the way to sunny Scottsdale, AZ. 

The change of scenery has been phenomenal for our health and our family bond. Now that I get to work just 4 days a week, I have so much more time for my family.

Now that I've stepped into the financial abundance that I DESERVE (and you do, too, btw) we are able to enjoy fun trips to Disneyland, spa days with my daughters, and all the other joys in life that slip by when you're worried about every paycheck.

So allllll that is to say that I was not born into this life - just like most people, I'm a regular middle-America girl.

And if I can shift my mindset and TAKE ACTION to allow true abundance into my life after years of fighting for my worth, you can, too. 

But wellbeing is about more than money.

if you're looking for guidance and accountability around stepping out of your own shadow and into abundance, feel free to reach out here for a free coaching consultation.

If you're a mama of a teen or young adult daughter looking for support, resources, and tools to help ease her transition into adulthood, come join me and other like-minded moms at the shift society!

Pajamas, coffee, and these two - all my favorite things!