We are super excited to announce the re-launch of the Dawn Dahlby website – dawndahlby.com!

Our goal with this new design is to create a more user-friendly browsing experience for our valued Relevé clients and LIVE WELLthy™ community members. Our new site provides a clear message of who we are and ties in closely with our on-going growth plans. We hope you enjoy the new design that is focused on providing you with the tools you need to LIVE WELLthy™.


Dawn Dahlby. One brand. One team. One mission.

Did you know we have two experiences for clients?

The Legacy by Relevé Program and The Own It, Earn It, Grow It Program for new members.

Previously, we provided these programs to clients on two separate websites, which became confusing for clients – so it is time to bring them together!

Welcome to our newly refreshed site!

  • Simple, intuitive navigation
  • Easy access to the programs we offer
  • Member Portal with all the tools you need
  • And so much more!

If you’re already a Relevé client, or a member of one of Dawn’s online programs, you may not have realized Dawn Dahlby (Jurkovich) is the CEO and founder of both programs – and she has built a team of professionals ready to support you on all aspects of your WELLth™ journey.


Our Mission? We inspire people to think differently about their wealth so they can LIVE WELLthy™ today and tomorrow.

We embrace processes, explore new ideas and develop solutions with our team and clients in mind, so we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to merge our separate sites into one to give you an exclusive online platform that works for you!


Quickly and easily find your way around the site from the main menu or the home page. From the home page, you can easily navigate to wherever you’d like to go as there are direct links to programs, the member portal and more.


We are a leading and innovative wealth advisory platform. Members can quickly access the tools they need – from getting a quick question answered to logging into investment accounts or their course dashboard. We look forward to serving you!


This site has been designed with you in mind! Please share your thoughts as we want this to be the best experience for you!

Site Design Rebecca Pollock
Site Development Alchemy + Aim