Something special is happening with the Core Values Exercise…

All of us at Dawn Dahlby and Relevé Financial are on a mission to help people think differently about their money so they can live a WELLthy™ life. Positively impacting the lives of others is something very close to my heart, so I have accepted the offer to speak at an incredible women’s event coming up in the spring, and I am honored to also be able to share our resources as a primary sponsor – to help make this event possible.

We’ve decided to open the doors EARLY to the OWN YOUR WORTH (OYW) event with Early Bird Tickets because we want you to join us at the party! And let’s be clear, this event is going to be a PARTY!!

What does this have to do with the Core Values exercise?

Almost everything!! For the FIRST TIME EVER I hosted a pop-up virtual CORE VALUES EXPERIENCE where I walked through the exercise to teach you how to:

  • Spend guilt-free and enjoy your money today by aligning your spending with your specific values.
  • Release any negative feelings around spending on yourself, while still affording to save for tomorrow.
  • Put healthy boundaries in place to start building the WELLthy™ life you desire!

The CORE VALUES EXPERIENCE can be accessed FOR FREE by all OYW early bird ticket holders.

This is YOUR CHANCE to align your core values, gain the tools to implement them, and begin your journey to OWNING YOUR WORTH!

What are your core values?

What do you truly value

Living in alignment is about matching your “real” behaviors with your “ideal values.” Living out of alignment can be a source of stress and dissatisfaction. It could even lead to poor decision-making.

LIVING WELLthy begins with living in alignment with your core values.

So, let’s get you started!

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