Discover the secrets to simultaneously create spending freedom along with financial and personal security.

We help you design and elevate your lifestyle for today and tomorrow. With opportunities to serve clients nationally, we offer comprehensive, value-based wealth management services to our clients, including investment management, retirement planning, executive compensation, tax strategies and multi-generational wealth planning.

DawnDahlby.com / Dawn Dahlby and Relevé Financial Group, LLC are related companies, owned and managed by Dawn Dahlby-Jurkovich. Dawn Dahlby provides subscription-based coaching services and information through the “Own It, Earn It, Grow It” online platform that is designed to assist people of all ages grow financially empowered and should not be construed as investment advice relevant to individual situations. Coaching clients of Dawn Dahlby are under no obligation to utilize Relevé Financial Group for investment advisory services.  Advisory services and investment advice are only offered to individuals that become clients of Relevé Financial Group.

A Smarter Retirement

Relevé Financial Group brings you the Legacy Program – Providing One-on-One Advice and Comprehensive Wealth Management.

With over 20 years of experience as a licensed CFP®, BFA, and CRPC®, Dawn Dahlby is the founding partner and president of private wealth advisory, Relevé, with locations in Minnesota and Arizona, and serving clients from coast to coast.

Dawn believes combining personal and financial security allows people to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. This is LIVING WELLthy™! A life driven by proper alignment of self-worth and net worth. Her accredited team uses their knowledge in both the psychological and technical aspects of building wealth which gives clients the personalized advice they need to live an elevated life.

What You Get with the Legacy Program:

The Fiduciary Team at Relevé Financial Group acts as an extended part of your family, working with you one-on-one helping you achieve your wealth goals in a seamless and convenient way.


*additional charges apply

how does the legacy BY Relevé program really work?



Are you looking for a comprehensive wealth building advisory relationship?

Do you want access to low-cost investment strategies that are tax efficient?

Do you wish you had a concierge team to coordinate all aspects of your wealth building?

Our team takes a holistic approach to cash flow alignment, investment management, retirement planning, protection planning, tax preparation/filing and estate planning so you can truly LIVE WELLthy™.

Imagine having a team of financial experts who you can fully rely on to give non-biased wealth building advice and support all your lifestyle needs/wants.

Our team will show you how to make financial and life decisions so you can live out your goals, values and desired “WELLthStyle™” plan.

What You Can Expect

After an initial discovery call, we request financial data from you so we can create your personal WELLthStyle™ Plan.

We connect you with your own Private Wealth Advisor who will lead and manage the development and implementation of your plan.

Once implemented, we proactively schedule future connections to ensure growth and goal tracking.

You receive full access to our concierge team for questions, money transfers and additional advice.

Relevé Financial Group operates as a fee-based advisory firm which allows its advisors to act objectively and have freedom from a potential conflict of interest that can arise when advisors sell financial products versus receiving a fee for service. Relevé Financial Group charges an advice fee that is a percentage of advisable assets under management and does not receive any other compensation from its custodian.

Your Needs. Our Mission.

Over the last two decades, our clients have told us they have gone from lack of financial direction and clarity, confusion and fearful decision making, to feeling a sense of security and freedom knowing they have a trusted partner in the wealth building – and life building – journey. Our firm finds significant value in participating in our clients’ lives and it’s vitally important we continue to work with people who also value piece of mind, partnership, and prosperity!

We offer a holistic approach to wealth management, and we want your money working at maximum efficiency to help you achieve your short and long-term goals.


Meet our entire team

Our experts are ready to serve you


Our team consists of CFP® advisors, Investment Analysts, a CPA tax advisor, and an entire team of service concierge specialists designed to offer you an integrated and personalized combination of advice and service.

We are here to meet you where you are at – without guilt, shame, or confusion – to provide you the highest level of credentialed advice so you can stop all stress about money, and focus on what matters most in your life.

“We inspire people to think differently about their wealth.”



Our Commitment To You

“Our commitment is to help you create total life security; experiencing spending freedom today while creating financial security for tomorrow. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing you have enough money to support the life you desire. Let us help you make sound financial decisions that can put thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, back in your pocket, and give you the peace of mind you deserve.”

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