Are you a mom of a teen or young-adult daughter? Are you struggling with the watching your little girl transition into an adult KNOWING all the pitfalls life has in store?

Are you:
  -watching her grow and praying that she has an easier time in her 20s and 30s than you did?

  -struggling to master your emotions when she inevitably pushes your buttons?

  -wondering whyyyyyyy everything has to be such a challenge lately?

 -trying to figure out how you could possibly help her grow into the amazing woman she's meant to be if she won't even listen to you??

You, mama, need SUPPORT. For you AND for your daughter. You need a group of like-minded moms who know the struggle AND access to resources to help you navigate this transition more smoothly.

You need the SHIFT Society.

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The SHIFT Society is about community and support for all us #badassmamas just trying to figure out this parenting thing on the fly. It's a FREE group where we'll talk, laugh, probably cry (let's get real), and share with each other the highs AND the lows of motherhood during this especially tricky transitional time. 

What this group ISN'T about is me, or anyone else, lecturing other moms about the 'right' way to parent - because there's no such thing! I'm right in the thick of it, just like you, figuring it all out as I go. Instead, this group is a place where I can use my experience and networks to provide insight, resources, and support to other moms during this BIG transition. 

You'll see the real, raw truth about my day-to-day struggles as a parent of teens (and a lot of proud mama moments as well).

I'm not a psychologist, but through my 20-year career as the country's first Certified Behavioral Financial Advisor, I've learned a lot about what it takes to get the pay your deserve in male-dominated fields and how the ability to manage our Emotional Workflows can help us move through professional AND personal conflict in a productive, intentional way. 

Plus, my personal and professional networks allow me to provide you with real insights from real, licensed  professionals in the areas of mental health and development who can help us ALL understand the science behind behavior.

I'm not here to tell you how to be a mom (you're already killing it, btw), but I AM here to help you and your daughters learn about the internal shifts and external actions that will help you move through your personal and professional lives with confidence and intention.

because for every ONE of these...

I get like a billion of these

So if you're the mama of a young woman and you want to set her up for success in EVERY aspect of her life (because we all know happiness is about more than your career) then click the button below to join our FREE group!

or, if you're really ready to kick your relationship with your daughter into high gear...

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You'll get members-only access to content, resources, expert insight (from real professionals in the fields of psychology, entrepreneurship, finance, mindset, and more), discounts, and luxury live events ALL aimed at prepping your daughters for success in every aspect of their lives.

YOU CAN JOIN THE EXCLUSIVE                    and receive more than $250 of value every month FOR JUST $27/MONTH! 

Inner Circle

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EXCLUSIVE                and receive more than $250 of value every month FOR JUST $27/MONTH! 


...and these are my
freakin' AMAZING girls,
Olivia and Sophie

I'm Dawn...

So I want MY daughters to be better prepared than I was for allll the many hurdles they're going to face in their 20s and 30s.

(seriously, who has ANYTHING figured out before 40??)

That's why I want to teach them NOW how to....

because, Let's get real...
Adulthood is rough

I believe EVERYONE should honor and celebrate their accomplishments, big and small, so I can honestly say I've done a lot I'm proud of in my life.

I own a thriving investment advisory company, Relevé Financial Group, I was the first Certified Behavioral Financial Advisor in the country, I'm a member of the Forbes Finance Council, and I've created a lifestyle for myself and my family that I used to only dream about (ok, shameless brag over!).

But, if there's one thing in my life I'm MOST proud of, it’s being a mom to these two PHENOMENAL young women.

Parenting is by far the hardest and most rewarding job I've ever had. And I've definitely made a few mistakes along the way.

But, as I watch my daughters grow into their teens, I can't help but think about all the mistakes and missteps THEY will make as they embark on this big, new, exciting, SCARY chapter of their lives...

tackle low self-esteem and the urge to compare themselves to others

hone in on their core strengths and values

recognize and eliminate the limiting beliefs that keep us all trapped in cycles of scarcity and fear

set, understand, and respect healthy and clear boundaries

tap in early to the true abundance the world has to offer

stand up for themselves at work and in relationships

identify, shift, and control their inner narrative

not let fear drive their decision-making

master their emotional workflow 


I know I'd do anything to save my daughters the headache and the heartache of learning these lessons on their own, wouldn't you?

join me in the inner circle for exclusive access to the trainings, resources, insights, and community that can help you and your daughter SHIFT into this exciting next chapter armed for success

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master positive self-talk

I know I'd do anything to save my daughters the headache and the heartache of learning these lessons on their own, wouldn't you?


yeah, i want my daughter's future to be fabulous...but how does this membership actually help???

Ok, I hear you:

I've been working on this for a while, so I'm honestly so PUMPED to tell you...

When you join the Shift Society Inner Circle, every month you'll get exclusive resources, discounts, and insights (and occasional surprise gifts!) valued at more than $250!!

Weekly emails packed with members-only videos, blogs, tips on finance, curated articles, and other resources.

Insider-only access to my upcoming interview series where I talk to licensed professionals who will teach you about the biology, sociology, and psychology behind teen behavior and experiences, and how parents can navigate this tricky time with understanding and purpose

Exclusive resources, exercises, downloads, and 'homework' designed to help you and your daughter collaborate on important skill development, like mastering self-worth, retraining your inner narrative, negotiating salary, acting in alignment with your core values and TONS more

Insider discounts on programs, courses, products, and other resources offered by me, my network, and TONS of other amazing experts in the fields of finance, mentality, psychology, career guidance, and more

Early-bird access to some truly (and I'm being 100% real here) PHENOMENAL live events, workshops, and mother-daughter experiences designed specifically to help SHIFT you and your daughter into a whole new level of understanding and intentional living.

most importantly, you'll be part of a community of badass mamas, just like you, focused on building stronger relationships with their daughters while helping them transition into this next big chapter with direction, confidence, and grace.

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Every parent wants to be able to provide their children with the tools, resources, strategies, and knowledge they'll need to navigate the hurdles of young adulthood - but our kids live in a very different time than the one we grew up in.

Helping them tackle the challenges of adulthood from a place of self-worth, self-confidence, abundance, and strength starts with US.

Did I mention surprise gifts??? I have so many cool things in the works, and I want my Inner Circle members to be the first to benefit!

Keep your eyes on your inbox AND your mailbox because, from time to time, I'll be sending you some stuff that could be pretty useful, fun, sparkly, luxurious, meaningful, or all of the above! 


I can't give anything away just yet, but here are a few little visual hints... 

join me and tons of other #bossmoms as we work to

toward a fabulous, female future

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