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Dawn Dahlby
Wealth Wellness Expert, CFP®,  BFA™, and CRPC®

The secret to LIVING WELLthy is learning to control your thoughts and manage your emotions.

When it comes to money matters, we react with emotion because that’s how we’re wired. We have no control over this, but we do have control over the thoughts and behaviors that follow the emotion. Awareness is the key to building skills to deal with emotions, and this is the foundation for building a WELLthy™ life.

Dawn Dahlby’s proven behavioral approach to financial advice has improved the lives and outlooks of hundreds of families and individuals.

DawnDahlby.com / Dawn Dahlby and Relevé Financial Group, LLC are related companies, owned and managed by Dawn Dahlby-Jurkovich. Dawn Dahlby provides subscription-based coaching services and information through the “Own It, Earn It, Grow It” online platform that is designed to assist people of all ages grow financially empowered and should not be construed as investment advice relevant to individual situations. Coaching clients of Dawn Dahlby are under no obligation to utilize Relevé Financial Group for investment advisory services.  Advisory services and investment advice are only offered to individuals that become clients of Relevé Financial Group.

Legacy by Relevé for Wealth Management Clients

Legacy by Relevé

Available for Investment Portfolios of 500k+

While there are online platforms that allow investors to manage their own money, having your own team of professional financial advisors gives you access to their collective wisdom and experience to help you achieve all of your goals!



Own It. Earn It. Grow It. for Coaching Clients


Online coaching program now available to new members

Whether you have just begun your WELLth™ journey, or you’re ready to advance your wealth and worth faster, we have the tools to help you get there! Through Dawn’s online coaching programs, members access the same advice Dawn and her team have been providing to high-net-worth clients for over 20 years.

Learn to truly LIVE WELLthy™ by growing your wealth and worth!

Dawn’s Courses and Monthly Membership Programs are designed to help you live for today and plan for tomorrow.

New members are welcome to join regardless of current portfolio and investing is not required. Ideally for investment portfolios less than $500k.


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“I teach people how to LIVE WELLthy, which results from achieving both financial and personal security that money alone can never provide.”

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