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Everything begins with your mindset!

LIVE WELLthy  Own Your Worth. Grow Your Wealth.

Everything begins with your mindset. We don’t give ourselves enough love, acceptance, and power to grow into our true best selves. And so many of us are living in what I call a “wealth crisis,” which I believe actually stems from a worth crisis.

You’re not alone if you have a fear of money. A fear of never having enough. But you CAN have a wealthy life – that is, having “spending freedom” today as well as financial security for tomorrow.


Dawn provides Industry-backed advice merged with the most effective personal development teachings to give you the 360 support you need to grow yourself and your wealth.


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MEET Dawn Dahlby

Wealth Wellness Expert, CFP®, and BFA™


Dawn Dahlby is a certified financial planner, wealth wellness expert and author of the book Live WELLthy™: Own Your Worth, Grow Your Wealth. She is the country’s first behavioral financial advisor, a certification that focuses on both the emotional and practical aspects of managing money. Dawn also serves as the founder and president of Relevé Financial Group, a multi-million-dollar advisory firm. As a fiduciary with over 20 years of experience providing financial advice, Dawn has not only led her clients from moderate incomes to affluence, but she has helped them become truly “WELLthy.” Her proprietary approach helps people learn to save for tomorrow without having to sacrifice living today by merging the most effective teachings of self-help with finance to create a unique focus on “spending freedom.”

Over her years as a financial advisor, Dawn realized that even the extremely rich have anxiety about money, and that if they want true financial freedom, they need to transform their thoughts and emotions, not just their bank accounts. Dawn calls this living “WELLthy.”

To better serve them, she developed a program that helps people earn, own, and grow as they pursue the freedom of being truly WELLthy. The proprietary process helps people identify what they want out of life, and she provides tools so people can get the money to make it happen. Through the process, people learn to stop worrying about spending today in their efforts to save for tomorrow, and instead find financial peace and happiness.


Dawn’s engaging coaching style and results-oriented approach to spending and saving has led her to become a sought-after speaker and a media personality offering expert advice in on both broadcast and digital media platforms. Dawn is determined to share what she’s learned, empowering people with the skills and encouragement to recognize the connection between their brains and their bank accounts. She’s also launched an online advisory platform called Live WELLthy, which walks individuals who don’t have access to a financial planner of Dawn’s caliber through the process, merging technology with personalized financial advice to help a broader audience.

“I teach people how to LIVE WELLthy, which results from achieving both financial and personal security that money alone can never provide.”

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