Value-Based Financial Planning


My tailored financial strategies are designed to align with your values and goals, so you can live well today and plan for tomorrow. 






Real Wealth is built from your Core Values!


You weren’t born knowing how to handle your finances. (No one is!) And yet you feel…

Stuck and don’t know where to start.
Shame about your debt.
Embarrassed that you didn’t start saving sooner.
Afraid of what you’ll leave your kids.
Worried about your retirement.
Frustrated because you and your Husband/Wife/Partner approach money differently.

Money can make us feel bad. Most financial advice shows you what works on paper, not what works in real life. If you want a financial future where your money makes your dreams come true instead of holding you back — you need a financial plan based on your values.


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What would your life look like if you skipped the restrictive budgets and let go of spending shame?

Taking control of your finances can help you take control of your life. My/our advice blends 20+ years of financial education with core values to make handling your money less daunting.


Here's How it Works:

1.   Start With A Data Gathering Assessment

2. Meet one-on-one with your Fiduciary Wealth Advisor

3. Implement Tax Reduction Strategies

4. Put Your New Found Money To Good Use!


I’m a Certified Financial Planner®. I’m the founder and CEO of Relevé Financial Group, a multi-million-dollar advisory firm, and author of the #1 Best-Selling book Live WELLthy™: Own Your Worth, Grow Your Wealth.

I’m also the country’s first Behavioral Financial Advisor.

For the last 20+ years, I’ve helped families connect with their finances and grow their wealth. 

If you’ve been avoiding financial planning because it stresses you out, I completely understand. And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to. My approach to financial planning combines your core values and proven financial advice.

Over the years, people have come to me for different reasons. For some it’s being able to finally stop worrying about debt. For others it’s the empowerment they feel learning to invest and grow the money they’ve worked hard for.

Your money should work for you, not stress you out. It should make you feel secure, not anxious.

I want you to build a financial future based on your dreams, not your fears. 

“I want you to build a financial future based on your dreams, not your fears..”

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She’s a small business owner and the primary breadwinner in her household. Anne is proud of her success (as she should be) and wants to use her money to show her kids the world. 

She knows what type of life she wants, but she and her partner don’t have a plan. 

How do you balance retirement savings, future education costs, dreams of traveling, and wanting a comfortable house to raise your kids in, all while juggling a business?

Anne thought the answer was to make as much money and save as much as possible. She was saving everything extra, stressing about growing her business, and focused on making more and more money. But because of this, she was seeing less and less of her kids, and leaving less and less time for travel and family experiences. 

The traditional advice she followed pushed her further away from her goals. 

At our first meeting, we narrowed down the financial goals that aligned with Anne and her partner’s core values (creating meaningful experiences for their kids and living a comfortable home life), and we built a financial plan that focused on that. 

Not a plan that told her what to do — a plan that helped her do what she wanted to do.


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