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What does it mean to be truly wealthy?

It’s not about just having money in the bank. It’s about living a “WELLthy life,” where each person creates their own unique balance between earning and spending, saving, and giving, work and play. A wealth-building plan for a WELLthy life supports a meaning-filled lifestyle aligned with a person’s purpose, happiness, and self-worth.

Money and emotions are not a good combination but you CAN master your thinking by challenging your beliefs, managing your emotions through self-awareness, and aligning all aspects of your life.

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MEET Dawn Dahlby

Wealth Wellness Expert, CFP®, and BFA™

Dawn Dahlby is a Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Wellness Expert who teaches people how to LIVE WELLthy™.

As a fiduciary with over 20 years of experience providing financial advice, Dawn has not only led her clients from moderate incomes to affluence, but she has helped them become truly “WELLthy™.” Her proprietary approach helps people learn to save for tomorrow without having to sacrifice living today by merging the most effective teachings of self-help with finance to create a unique focus on “spending freedom.”

Dawn’s engaging coaching style has led her to become a sought-after speaker, a regular contributor to Worth Magazine, and a media personality offering expert advice on both broadcast and digital media platforms.


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