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Captivate, educate and empower your audience like never before!

Dawn is dedicated to helping people OWN their WORTH and GROW their WEALTH with actionable strategies they can implement to take control of their finances and build a WELLthy life.

Engage your audience from start to finish.

A blend of entertainment, humor, storytelling and practical wisdom they’ll be able to immediately pour into growing their businesses and their lives!

Invest in your audience’s success by investing in an extraordinary speaker.


Let’s make a lasting impact together!

Wealth Wellness Expert, CFP®, and BFA™
Teaching people to THINK DIFFERENTLY about their wealth for the better part of 2 decades.

Many of us are living in what Dawn calls a “wealth crisis,” which Dawn believes actually stems from a worth crisis.

Dawn helps people gain clarity for what they want out of life, and she provides tools so they can learn to earn the money to make it happen. She empowers people to stop worrying about spending today, in their efforts to save for tomorrow (goodbye fear and scarcity!) She leads them to find financial peace and happiness drawing from her extensive experience and expertise . And she’s entertaining! This is not your average keynote!

She addresses the fear of money most entrepreneurs struggle with and teaches them how they CAN build a thriving business and a WELLthy life – that is, having “spending freedom” today as well as financial security for tomorrow.


Love this AmAzIng woman Dawn Dahlby!!! Learned so much of what I need to work on. RAISING MY EXPECTATIONS!!! Boss up cause we are Bad Asses! -Lea M 

 Dawn delivers a unique perspective that resonates on a deeply personal level because she understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and executives when it comes to financial growth and worthiness.

Keynote can be tailored 
to your organization, industry and desired outcomes:

  • Network Marketing Company Conventions
  • Affiliate Marketing Events
  • Marketing Professionals Expos
  • Entrepreneur Conferences


Objectives & Benefits
your audience can expect to learn:

  • Enhanced Confidence and Motivation: To feel more empowered to take charge of their business and financial future.
  • Improved Decision Making: To make smarter decisions when allocating resources, budgeting, investing and planning for the future.
  • Business Growth Opportunities: To think strategically and take calculated risks, paving the way for long-term business growth and success.
  • Risk Management Strategies: To understand the financial implications of different choices, empowering them to minimize risks, maximize investments, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Key Topics
to be tailored to your audience:

  • Innovative Financial Planning: Mastering the Art of Wealth Building and Financial Freedom
  • Maximizing Earning Potential: Strategies for Dynamic Income Growth and Career Mastery
  • Maximizing Income: Tax and Investment Strategies to Propel Wealth
  • Freedom to Live for Today While Saving for Tomorrow: The Power of Spending and Saving Alignment
  • Mastering a Wealth Mindset: Cultivating Abundance over Scarcity in Your Relationship with Money

Let’s embark on a transformative journey together!

Leave your audience empowered and equipped to take their businesses and their lives to the next level!

motivate, inspire, and arm YOUR AUDIENCE with the tools they need to thrive.

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