Financial Tips for Preparing for a Recession

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It’s no secret the market has taken a downturn over the last few months. Dawn gives her two cents on what Americans can do to combat rising prices and interest rates. Preparing for a recession may feel overwhelming, but the best thing we can do is control our emotions and our spending.


How Arizona Seniors are Handling Spiking Inflation

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Rising prices are impacting the entire nation, but one group struggling in particular are senior citizens. Many of them, on fixed incomes, are being forced to find new ways to continue their normal spending habits while adjusting for higher prices. Dawn speaks on this point, and just how these individuals can combat climbing inflation today.


Lessons About Money Your Kids Won’t Learn in School

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We have to set our kids up for financial success, and it’s our responsibility to teach them valuable lessons about money. In this interview, Dawn teaches parents some quick tips on how to talk with their kids about money so they can obtain both SELF and NET worth. A healthy relationship with money starts early, so watch the replay and learn how you can teach your kids the lessons they need to enjoy a healthy financial future.

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