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Hear Dawn’s story about what set her on the path to becoming a certified behavioral financial analyst and why discovering your self-worth is the path to building lasting wealth.

Mindset plays a huge role in building wealth. Dawn states that everyone needs to find their core values in order to align our personal goals with our financial goals. Walk with Dawn as she explains the changes in her career path and the obstacles in her life that moved her towards becoming a financial analyst. Dawn’s Building Wealth and Worth focuses on adjusting learned behaviors surround wealth to better our confidence and allow us to reach for big goals!


Dawn explains that building both your internal personal security and mirroring that with your external financial security is the key to building your best life. When we condition our subconscious mind to find joy in the mundane you will get better outcomes.

Your worth is not in your money. It’s in what you invest into your development of your self-worth. We all want to be fulfilled and we all want to be happy, but the key to that is not MONEY. It’s about having the right type of wealth in alignment with our worth.

She explains how having an attitude of gratitude and creating a habit of positive self-talk can alter our mindset to have our best day ever.


Your job isn’t just about your income. Your work should reflect your core values and allow you to build a wealth plan around them. Your core values are the top five priorities and values that your life should revolve around. And once those values are established, Dawn fully believes that you can have BOTH freedom and security!

Finding the right type of income involves our thought processes and our emotional well-being. Understanding that our time is valuable, creates an urgency to find income that is worth the time we have and the time we want to spend doing other things.

What she tells us may surprise you!


After 20 years in the financial industry, Dawn has gathered information and education on how to best build a fulfilling life based on our core values and our strengths.

Gearing our lives toward owning, earning, and growing our wealth is easier than we make it seem. Overcoming the feelings of doubt and insecurity to get to the core of your passion opens the door to build wealth and create security for the future.

Creating new habits and increasing our confidence begins with building self-worth. Listen in as Dawn tells her own story of building wealth and seeking after greater self-worth!


Dawn created a life that was ideal to her by aligning her worth with her wealth. Making the ideal real is about putting aside fear and going after your goals. Dawn’s experiences in the financial industry and overcoming comparison gives her the experience necessary to help others as they try to find their own worth and build wealth simultaneously.

Aligning your money with your values is completely life-changing and impacts everything from your mental health to your physical health. Learn how your strengths and values impact the alignment you have with your finances!


Life is more than just building up your savings account.

Dawn grew up with a scarcity mindset around money that formed when she was very young, though she was able to build her own life of wealth and worth and now she helps others do the same.

Creating internal worth alongside your external wealth is the only way to create a fulfilled life. Dawn tells her story about how she found herself in the financial industry and exactly what she’s learned over the last 20+ years. She has sat in on thousands of client meetings and shares her secrets to results-driven financial strategies.


Dawn has built two successful businesses in which she educates individuals on how to build internal and external security within both yourself and your money!

Our emotions can get in the way, but we can develop a guilt free spending plan while creating a secure future! In this episode, Elisabeth and Dawn discuss preparations for retirement, investing, and true wealth alignment.

She jams a lot of information into a short show, but the value she brings as the country’s first Behavioral Financial Advisor is priceless!


Comparison and fear were in control of Dawn’s life for YEARS.

It impacted her family and her career in so many ways, and it wasn’t until after her mom passed away that she decided enough was enough. Dawn speaks about the impact of her mom’s death on her passion of building wealth and worth together.

Dawn speaks with Merilyn about her experience on empowering women, executives, and entrepreneurs on creating true wealth through her own experiences with fear and self-doubt.


Finding solid financial advice can be difficult, but Dawn’s experience over the last two decades is priceless!

A trusted financial advisor is just as important as a personal trainer at the gym. Getting solid advice on how to effectively use and grow your money is vital to building wealth. Dawn speaks on her own journey to overcoming fear and dominating the financial industry.

Financial literacy includes more than just the technical terms and there is a difference between being rich and being wealthy.  Understand more about your personal finances and create a solid plan for building wealth today!


Tasha Baird-Miller hosts Dawn to talk about the four secrets to creating a solid financial plan. With two decades of experience, Dawn looks at more than just money truly understands how to best turn income into true wealth.

Get clear on your values, your mindset, your strengths, and your money. When these areas of your life are in alignment, you are better able to build true worth and wealth. Dawn shares her secrets to building a results-driven financial plan and personal growth process.

Dawn’s platforms are available to anyone looking to build wealth regardless of income or goal.


Dawn speaks on balancing mom-life, work-life and how she’s dominating the financial industry as the country’s first Behavioral Financial Advisor.

She understands the technical side of building wealth, but also how our fears and self-doubts can impact our ability to increase our income.

Dawn breaks down just how to build a wealthy life by giving us the inside scoop on all things wealth and worth! As a mom, a wife, and a business owner, she has a unique journey that has allowed her to inspire others on their own wealth journey. She turned her pain into passion, and we are so excited to dig in!

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