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Hi, I’m Dawn!

“Knowing your number” (that amount of money you need to live well today and retire comfortably) empowers you to strategically plan while securing a thriving retirement, ensuring you have the financial foundation to live well today and to sustain your desired lifestyle throughout the years ahead.

I often see that people put off financial planning because it feels too overwhelming. And I watch people struggle with being seen and heard—or compensated appropriately.

I had to learn all of this the hard way, but I now know that when we know our number, we have more control and less stress. And when we recognize our own strengths, our income grows, we feel abundance, and we thrive. It is my mission to help people just like you create lasting WELLth™ from the inside out.

Dawn Dahlby, CEO of Relevé Financial Group – a multi-million-dollar advisory firm, Wealth Wellness Expert, Best Selling Author, Speaker, CFP®, BFA™

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