Make this YOUR YEAR to Take Control of your finances and your life!

What would your life look like if you finally knew where to start; trusting a fiduciary wealth advisory team to help you manage all aspects of your financial life?

From low-cost investment management, asset consolidation, tax-minimization strategies, an aligned spending & saving plan, and knowing you will have enough money to secure all your financial goals, is what is included in the LIVE WELLthy™ Membership program.

It’s like having your own personal CFO so you can stop worrying about money and start living the life you were designed to live!


Every day you wait, is another missed (and expensive) opportunity to transform your financial life, for both today and tomorrow.

Start by implementing your personalized financial plan that will allow guilt-free spending today while also securing your tomorrow.


When it comes to your finances, do you feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Worried about running out of money and never having enough?

Concerned about making wrong investment and tax decisions that could cost you thousands?

Do you have big dreams that keep getting pushed aside because you don’t know if you can afford them?

Feel like you don’t know where to begin?

The LIVE WELLthy Membership will not only help you implement your own personalized financial plan that will guide you through these big decisions but also educate and help you implement on where and what to invest in, and how to minimize your investment and tax cost so your money works harder for you, allowing you to achieve your financial goals faster.




Saving for your future is non-negotiable.

The LIVE WELLthy Membership will not only educate you on where and what to invest in, but how to minimize your investment costs so your money works harder for you, allowing you to achieve your financial goals faster.


  • A Financial Plan called the WEALTHFACTOR™: Build and implement your own personalized WELLthStyle™ Plan with our proprietary WealthFactor™ tool and self-guided video modules and guidance from Dawn. Inside the WEALTHFACTOR includes the following;
    • Determine Your WEALTH NUMBER to better understand how much you can spend today, and in the future, while never running out of money.
    • Set achievable financial goals by learning exactly where your money should be going and why it matters.
      • SPENDING PLAN: Create a Spending Plan aligned to your Core Values that allows to you spend guilt-free today without sacrificing your future.
      • DEBT MANAGEMENT PLAN: Debt payoff/pay-down strategy plan designed to maximize your cash flow and minimize interest payments.
      • SAVINGS PLAN: Saving for your future is non-negotiable and should be based on your personal goals. We will show you the growth potential of your saving for the next 30 years.
      • PROTECTION PLAN: Protect your most valuable assets; yourself, your income & your family!
      • INVESTMENT PLAN: Investment strategy; including asset and sector allocation & low-cost investments. Investment implementation with our on-line custodian Charles Schwab.
      • TAX PLANNING: Minimize your taxes through income and investment tax strategies.
      • RETIREMENT PLAN: Plan for certainty in an uncertain world and stop worrying about running out of money.

Learn HOW to master your relationship with your money so you can experience the freedom and confidence to live the life you desire.

  • 60 action-packed modules educating you with the advice Dawn uses with her multi-million-dollar client portfolios.
  • Private dashboard allowing you to work at your own pace.
  • Support and accountability to help you build and implement your plan.
  • Direct access to our LIVE WELLthy™ texting platform for quick questions that need on demand answers.
  • Membership to the private LIVE WELLthy™ Facebook Group.
  • Membership to the private LIVE WELLthy™ online learning community and private access to elevated conversations with Dawn and community members.
  • Monthly LIVE COACHING CALLS with Dawn. She will give her strategic advice, answer questions and provide guidance in a small private group setting.


Engaging in fiduciary, financial advice can save you a TON of money, stress and time! Working with our highly credentialed team of trusted financial advisors, investment analysts and tax professionals is designed to deliver 3X the financial value back to you than the cost itself! What other program can offer that?


Only a few people get to experience both financial freedom and security combined. Dawn wants you to experience both.



Dawn Dahlby

Hi, I’m Dawn Dahlby!

As a fiduciary with over 20 years of experience providing financial advice, I teach people to save for tomorrow without having to sacrifice living today. My proprietary process helps people identify what they want out of life, and provides proven tools to get the money to make it happen.

My unique approach seamlessly merges the most effective teachings of self-help and finance, alleviating financial anxiety by ensuring people have spending freedom today and tomorrow.

– Dawn


“My goal is to help you create total life security, so you can live with internal and external security without fear or guilt, but with clarity and direction around any of your life and money decisions. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing you have enough money to support the life you want. Let me help you make sound and rational financial decisions that gives you the peace of mind you deserve.”

IF YOU’RE READY TO  overcome overwhelm  and live well today while  building security  for tomorrow, join us!


Seeking expert asset management without committing to the LIVE WELLthy Membership just yet?

Look no further!

Our specialized service offers a tailored approach to reviewing, managing, and consolidating your investments, ensuring they align with your financial objectives. By leveraging our expertise, clients frequently discover opportunities to optimize their portfolios while reducing unnecessary fees. Experience the benefits of streamlined asset management through our partnership with Schwab, where you can access discounted management fees.

Ready to take control of your investments?

Simply click below open a new investment account or rollover an existing one. / Dawn Dahlby and Relevé Financial Group, LLC are related companies, owned and managed by Dawn Dahlby-Jurkovich. Dawn Dahlby provides advisory services and information through the online advisory platform that is designed to assist people of all ages grow financially empowered and should not be construed as investment advice relevant to individual situations. Dawn online advisory services are offered through Relevé Financial Group (“RFG”), an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor. For more information on RFG’s products and services, please visit our website at or contact us at 612-801-5440.


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